Friday, January 27, 2012

Letter to the Editor

This week there was an article in the Carroll County times about the budget for next school year.  The article paraphrased a community member who suggested our school district has excessive arts offerings and should look to the arts as an area to trim the budget.  The link is here if you want to read it.  I wrote this letter to the editor in response . . . 

Letter to the Editor in Response to:
Residents, Board Members Comment on Budget
By Alisha George
Published January 26, 2012

Dear Carroll County Times,

I was dismayed to read the suggestion by a community member that Carroll County Public Schools should look to the arts as the place to reduce electives and trim the budget.  With the increased emphasis on standardized testing and the traditional three “R’s”, some have lost sight of the inherent worth of that very essential fourth “R”—the aRts.  As we prepare our students to be college and career ready, I hope our community will remember that human beings are more than just the grades we earn or the jobs we perform.  Our true value lies in the compassion, beauty, and understanding that we bring to our fellow human beings-- all emotions that are nurtured through the arts. 

Beyond this, it would be shortsighted to assume that the arts are not careers for which we should be preparing our students.  Every time we turn on the radio, watch a movie, or enjoy the graphics on our computer screen, we are benefiting from the hard work of someone who chose the arts as a career.  Musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists are the most obvious of these; but let us not forget sound engineers, graphic artists, video game designers, choreographers, music therapists, interior designers, writers, fashion designers, photographers, and museum curators, just to name a few.

I am personally very grateful that my children will have the benefit of a diverse arts education in Carroll County.  I encourage everyone in our community to learn more about the arts programs in our schools.  Check out a concert.  Attend a drama production or an art exhibit.  I think you will see that our young people have amazing talent and potential, which is being nurtured every day by some very dedicated arts teachers. Let us do all that we can to support their efforts and ensure strong arts programs for our students.


Maggie Fischer
Music Advocates of Carroll County


  1. So well put, Maggie. Carroll County students & parents are lucky to have you as such a passionate advocate.